z Lavender Pamper Basket

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Lavender Pamper Gift Basket

Bath and Spa gift baskets make a great gift for so many occasions! This purple painted willow basket with a drop down handle, is filled with the Lavender Serafina quality bath line, which is purposefully created for those minutes or hours of unyielding relaxation. Serafina's carefully selected products and innovative packaging, are designed to not only feel fantastic on the skin, but to look amazing on the bathtub. Making the next bath a truly soulful experience. Serafina's mission is to help relax and rejuvenate the over-worked and under-rested soul. Draw a hot bath, find a good book, and Serafina's bath products will do the rest. The line includes: Body Lotion, Body Wash, Bath Salts, Bubble Bath. We've added a Terry Bath Pillow, Pumice Stone, Net Sponge (color may vary), Scented Candle, and Soap Petals (look like small roses). This design is wrapped in Crisp Clear Cellophane and topped off with a Handmade Bow underneath a printed cellophane fan. Beautiful silk flowers and greenery (may vary) are added to the arrangement. Includes a Handwritten Enclosure Card.
NOTE:  We have sold out of this dark purple basket so will be using a basket that is a lighter shade of purple.