About Us

your expressed emotions
+ our exceptional gifts
= how you make them feel …a connection is made… ...you’ve created an experience that makes their day.

While it is unclear who said it (Maya Angelou, Carol Buchner, or others), we couldn’t say it any better..
     "They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel."

We're located in the heart of Dallas, Texas.  You and your recipient are of the utmost importance to us! 

Our History: 
It all started in 1987, with African violets that I grew from small plants and then planted in self-watering pots. They were sold to florists as well as decorating them in baskets for retail sale. Other plants came later. Around 1992, after experiencing problems with the high mineral content in the water for African violets, a friend showed me an ad for a gift basket magazine...and the rest they say is history! A few years later, I married my true blue Dallas, Texan, who was very skilled at technology so he kept the company up to date online, as well as helping get orders out, and making deliveries. Unfortunately, several years ago he experienced an out of hospital sudden cardiac arrest, which resulted in anoxic encephalopathy. He still sometimes helps out with entering addresses in the Garmin for deliveries, so he is still part of the team! We’re “late to the party” just now getting a Facebook business page up in the last few months of 2019! There are other media outlets that need updating too!
It’s been an honor serving the Dallas-Forth Worth (DFW) Metroplex all of these years. To be a part of conveying the feelings between family members, friends, and loved ones, whether it be joyful or sorrowful. It’s great to be an extension of a company’s marketing team or human resources department, making their jobs easier, by thanking or remembering their customers and employees for important occasions or events. Helping Dallas area events to be successful, is very rewarding. We have recently started adding the products of local companies and small artisanal companies to our designs. And the cherry on top of it all, is seeing people’s faces light up, because they are hoping the beautifully handcrafted gift we’re carrying, is for them! So many reasons to be thankful!
Sherry Cooter, Owner/LLC member, Certified Gift Designer