About Us

your expressed emotions
+ our exceptional gifts
= how you make them feel …a connection is made… ...you’ve created an experience that makes their day.

While it is unclear who said it (Maya Angelou, Carol Buchner, or others), we couldn’t say it any better..
     "They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel."

We are actually located in the heart of Dallas, TX, unlike the many out of state companies that set up website pages or have a domain name, that makes it sound like they are.  You and your recipient are of the utmost importance to us! 

They say that you’ll never work a day in your life if you do what you love….so we guess we’re not working!  What’s not to love?  Seeing people’s faces light up everywhere we go, because they are hoping the beautifully handcrafted gift we're carrying, is for them.  Not to mention all of the complements on our great looking gift baskets!  Who doesn't like getting props, right?!  Knowing that we’re able to convey feelings between family members, friends, and loved ones, whether it be joyful or sorrowful.  Knowing that we can be the extension of a company's marketing team, making their jobs easier, by thanking or remembering their customers and employees for important occasions or events.  So many reasons and seasons to bring joy!  Life is good at Bouquets That Stay!

The boring detailed history from the Founder...if you're interested and have the time:

As far back as I can remember, whenever I had free time, I was always creating things.  After a downsizing of a corporation that I worked for right out of college and then later working at a job that I didn’t really like due to the management’s lack of integrity, I started thinking about what my options were.  Gardening was something I also liked to do.  In the fall of 1987, I started selling african violets in self-watering pots to local florists and on a retail level.  I later added plants as gifts.  That is how the name Bouquets That Stay came into being.  I had to move to another city where the water was not conducive to the livelihood of African Violets.  A friend showed me an ad for a gift basket industry magazine.  I subscribed and really became interested in adding that to my line.  I attended conventions, participated in industry forums, and still to this day continue to strive to be the best that I can be in creating gorgeous designs.  Eventually, gift baskets became the largest portion of the business.  While the business was started by me, it became a family business. 

In an instant, our lives took a major turn in January of 2012.  In the days leading up to that moment, my husband Chriss, was good with technology and kept the website humming.  He had worked at his retail family business, Cooter Camera Shops, Inc., for most of his life.   Their store in Highland Park Village was one of the first few stores in the shopping center.  Unfortunately, after changes in the photography industry, changes in the retail mix of the shopping center (high end meant less foot traffic), and a family member dipping into the reserves for personal expenses to the tune of many thousands of dollars annually, the store closed its doors in August of 2011, after 70 years of business.  A few months later, after drafting emails to send to other stores in the industry about the loss of the store and the inventory that remained, Chriss suffered sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) while sitting in his living room chair on a rainy Monday evening.  There had been years of overwork due to his partner not being accountable, stress, and worry, leading up to this event.  According to the American Heart Association, less than 8% survive an out of hospital sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).  Of those few that survive, there is brain injury.  Through the care of his caregivers at Baylor Hospital and Baylor Institution of Rehabilitation (BIR), he was able to come home a few months after his SCA.  The Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) program helped with a month of rehabilitation at the Baylor Day Neuro Program.  His heart has since healed, but the brain injury persists requiring supervision.  The road to recovery is long with brain injuries and there is no clear path for rehabilitation.  Full recovery is likely never going to happen for him, but that isn't going to stop us from trying to get full recovery!  His short term memory is basically non-existent.  He can have the best day in the history of the world and not remember it 15 minutes later.  Some things he doesn’t remember a minute or two later.  His long term memory is a bit sketchy as he doesn't remember a lot of things and the things he does, he often remembers them as he would have hoped they would have happened.  The "Pollyanna" version.  He has a music therapist that works with him an hour a week and he attends therapy sessions at a local university.  Chriss sometimes helps out with deliveries by entering the address in the GPS.  With the loss of the 70 year old family business and since it represents a small portion of Bouquets That Stay’s business, we started using Eagle Postal on McKinney Avenue and Blackburn Street, for customers that want to pick up their orders or drop off items that they want included in their gift baskets (ad specialty items, personally handwritten greeting cards, etc.).  Most people are busy and prefer to have their gifts hand delivered or shipped.  While Chriss' SCA has been a major set back for us, our mission has never changed with respect to Bouquets That Stay.

….we continue to deliver Smiles! 

Sherry C
Non PC terms...."Prune Picker" by birth (far north CA) and lived there the first 10 years of my life, was an "Okie" while continuing to grow up on a ranch in the area of Oklahoma where my parents were born, and moved to the Dallas, Texas area after college, where I eventually married a native Texan that can't imagine living anywhere else!  Who do you think inspired our Texas line?!